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Excellent Eye Care

Don't neglect your vision. You can get excellent eye care when you visit Texas State Optical of Lufkin. Dr. Mark Wiedenfeld is a therapeutic optometrist and is a specialist in detecting and treating glaucoma.

Texas State Optical of Lufkin was opened on 1957 by Dr. Arnold E. Broughton. It was located in downtown Lufkin on Lufkin Avenue. In 1982 the office was moved to its current location on S. John Redditt Drive. In 1983 Scott Broughton became the manager and in 2007 the owner of TSO Lufkin. At Texas State Optical of Lufkin, you'll get everything that you need for improving your vision. You can get custom contacts, frames, lenses, and sunglasses. We are a locally owned business and have been providing quality optometry services for over 60 years.

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